Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christine part 3

 A screech from Mom, from Dionne, me, and a very unlucky raccoon who was nibbling through discarded Wendy's kids meals.  " My Moms upset.  We're looking for my sister." I peeped. Dionne's face calmed, she lower her gun, and walked to the bushes to discover the corpse.  "Damn" she whispered and teared up. She turn to us "Now what the hell is going on?  I just shot a goddamn raccoon!"

Dionne calmed and wiped the sweat and finely curled bangs from her brow.  "I'm sorry Miss...?" Mom stumbled not knowing her name. "Dionne, Officer Dionne." with a grunt "My child has run away, I was in a panic," mom continued "all this came to a head tonight.  Oh god she vanishes all the time.  And me I'm to blame."  Mom sobered with these words, perhaps she realized it was her fault.  Her face skewed and broke at the final word blame.  

"Alright lets go find her (sigh)."  Officer Dionne said with  a flip of the wrist, a kind of giddy up.  Mom went to start to start the car, it growled and then coughed.  That old buick flopped over and died that very night in an empty parking lot of Wendy's.  How appropriate I thought.

We got in Dionne's car.  I got to ride shot gun and she let me eat her cookies.  She had a thermos of what she called sweet tea and I called ice tea.  Dionne could tell I was scared so she made me feel comfortable.  Mom passed out behind the grated mesh in the back seat as we searched through the night. 

I had wished Dionne was my mother.  There was something physical about her that made me want her embrace.  Perhaps it was her gigantic bosom or her child birthing figure.  She was maternal in every way, opposite my own mother.  Dionne cared.  "Are you okay Sam?" she rubbed my back a little and I nodded. 

Mom's snore grew louder as we pulled into the lot of our last DQ. Just like the others it was closed and no sign of Christine.  I was in the front searching the bushes for some significant trace of evidence as to my sisters where abouts when I heard a commotion.  I ran to the back to see Officer Dionne yelling "Christine your coming home!"  It was some older girl clutching a portly biker guy with a gray beard.  "Fuck off lady!" said this unknown girl.  Dionne pulled out the gun.  I tugged on her sleeve screaming that it wasn't my sister.  Just then from the restroom door behind the couple a mascara smeared christine exited.  


tears, street lights,

a cop,

and an abortion,

later we were fine.


    So here we are two years later and she's dead, Officer Dionne helped us find Christine that night.  She was also the first Officer to arrive at the house the night of Christine's passing.  Officer Dionne was sporting hot pink nails that night and a giant tacky "gold" ring carved in the depiction of the baby Jesus.  That night baby Jesus was swaddled in the black lady tears of Dionne.  

Mom came back from the bar the next day.  "She's dead Mom!  Christine is dead!"  My mother whaled and moaned.  Her baby was dead and she blamed her self.  I blamed her too. "Mom?" That was the last time I referred to my mother as Mom.  Thru her tears she said "I'm not Mom.  I've never acted like a mom to you Sam.  You can just call me Charlotte."      

The doctor said the sudden heart failure was probably from all the drugs she did.  There was no precise reason.  Diagnosis: Tragedy. 

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