Friday, November 5, 2010

A Memory of Christine Part 2

Back in the Buick,

Tears, street lights,

and a cop.

There were, what seemed like, thirteen Dairy Queen's surrounding my town.  We checked the six closest to us.  Mom looked insane, half drunk and hungry.  We pulled into a Wendy's parking lot and Mom had a break down.  "Just like me a slut!  A little girl turned to a whore by this cruel world."  Tears filled that crusty brown Buick.  The big kind of tears.  Was Mom sober, or was she acting, drunk acting to me?  "I did this Sam!  I did this cause I didn't care.  She's probably dead!  Hunted down by some late night stalking pervert!  The always love the pregnant ones!"  She was drunk.

She was drunk and she was acting. "I've seen this on Dateline!  Stone Phillips did a whole special on the white slave trade,  and They always go after the pregnant ones!  Oh god Hank where are you... Death do us part... Bullshit!"  Mom created a lot of commotion in that empty lot.  Enough that a police car cruised up next to us.  "Everything all right Lady?".  Came a voice out of a dimly lit cruiser.  Before Mom could speak I screamed "Help!"

A giant black woman named Officer Dionne exited the car with a gun raised in the air.  "Freeze lady!  Don't move I've got a gun! Don't be a fool!"  Mom screamed and froze in her seat and thru her hands in the air.

Dionne moved closer, her ass raised in the air like a cat in heat.  Her eye's showed all the madness of a rookie cop handed a 1911 Smith and Wesson.  Mom's pupils dilated as she stuttered "What in God's name?"

The large scuttle in the brush next to the buick and Dionne shot!  A screech fell over our quite town.

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