Wednesday, June 1, 2011

God Damn Wednesday Mornings

God damn Wednesday mornings. Every Wednesday of my life is a day of horror and misery. That particular Wednesday I woke in a panic. A cold wind crept threw my slightly cracked window. It ran a chill up my pajama pant leg straight to the empty caverns of my chest. With shaking hands I pulled my covers from off my face and inspected the elements of this horrid day. What I saw was a furious wind and newly decapitated tree limbs dancing dangerously around my backyard. Grey clouds sat pregnant on the March sky and I could almost hear them complain.

I crept down the hallway, a foreign aroma crept with me. Inching toward the kitchen, I heard a symphony of pots and pan clatter. There was Charlotte, throwing around ingredients and cooking utensils like a mad sea captain saving her crew from a white squall. She stopped her ongoings and recognized my presence “Good morning Sam, I’ve made you some breakfast.” I looked down upon the bowl presented to me on the kitchen table. Some sort of milky stew, it sat awaiting my approval. “I’m sorry darling, I’m not very good at breakfast food.” My response was a not so well hidden frown. “Sorry Mom, I think I’ll just go with my usual cereal.” “Oh no Sam, I used all the milk in my soup.”

I sat and ate a dry bowl of cereal. I stared across the table at Charlotte. I wonder if I should ask her where she’d been. She’d probably lie anyway. I watched as she engulfed the entire contents of the abnormally large bowl she made for her self. I inspected her as a biologist might:

Specimen shows signs of

.Increased appetite

.Sunny disposition

.Softer voice

.She now smiles

.Change in used vocabulary saying "darling"

Who have you become?

My stomach started to moan and churn. It wasn't used to this "eating before 9am thing". I had to make a bowl movement. I rose from the table and my chair screeched across the linoleum. Charlotte's head raised from her empty bowl, like a meerkat on the savanna. "Where do you think you're going?" She absurdly asked. "Um..." I was dumb founded. "Aren't you going to ask to excuse your self from the kitchen table?" What? Where did this come from? I was almost insulted. "Charlotte, I don't know where you went, and why your acting like this. Your so strange now!" My heart was trying to escape my mouth and I could feel my heart beat in the strangest parts of my body.

"Sam I thought you wanted this... I thought you wanted a Mother." I did.

She sat doe eyed, those tiny black marbles in her head known as her eyes, grew twice their size. They glistened a bit in the morning light. "I'm going to the bathroom. May I be excused?"

She nodded and smiled.

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